Additional Charges

for Butlins Skegness Caravan

QUASAR (GREAT FUN FOR KIDS) A game for all the family on your Butlins Skegness caravan hire holiday, done in a military style, where you receive a pretend gun, and have to attack the other teams. The team with the most players left at the end is the winners.  There are places to charge your gun up, and places to hide. You can play this with your family or when you get there you are divided up in to groups. See there terms and conditions, and prices per game, and hours of opening.  They will go through the rules prior to the game.

Opening time 10 am till 10 pm (Monday to Sunday)

butlins skegness quasar


The go-karts are situated in the funfair on Butlins Skegness main resort.  Children are allowed on with an adult.  Teenagers can go on there own, depending of there height, ask for more details. It costs £5.00 per person, for roughly about 5 minutes.

Practice your skills on the track; you never know you might be the next Jason Button.

karting with in main butlins skegness resort  gokart


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There are many things in hotshots, grab yourself a beer, while watching premier football, be sure to get a good seat. The football events are usually advertised in the butlins booklet, which tells you times and dates. Also have a quick game of pool, while you wait for the game. If that doesn’t grab you, have a game of bowling with the family. They do have some deals on, you have to check for details. Practice your bowling skills, with the barriers up or down, while listening to some music. Refer to Butlins for prices.

butlins hotshots


The Spa at Butlins Skegness is a lovely place where you can gather your thoughts. Read a book; relax in the tranquillity, in the relaxation lounge where soothing music is played. There is also a mini bar, so can get hot or cold drinks (this is included in the price of the spa). Relax by the 20 m swimming pool, dip in for a swim, go in there sauna and crystal steam room. Have a cold bucket splash tipped on to yourself to refresh you, or to cool down from the sauna.  Or simply sit in the hydrotherapy pool. Also there are two settings on the Atlantic storm shower, feel them on your skin. You are given a white fluffy bathrobe and slippers that you can use while you are there. Also they have a hairdryer in the changing rooms and plush surroundings, and large showers with shower cream. You can also have beauty treatments in the spa, all different prices depending on which treatment you have. Let your worries ebb away. If you have a lot of energy there is also a fitness suite you can use. For spa prices and opening times, refer to Butlins.

Opening from 10am till late

butlins skegness spa  spa butlins skegness